SSSC 23 Things – Thing 5: Social Media #1

This badge is awarded to social services workers in Scotland who have worked through Thing 5: Social Media #1 of the SSSC 23 Things – Digital Capabilities programme, and completed a reflective blog entry to evidence their learning.


To earn this badge you must:

  • work through Thing 5: Social Media #1 of the SSSC 23 Things – Digital Capabilities programme.
  • post a reflective blog entry of at least 100 words and submit a link to that entry.

We will decline Open Badge applications without a completed reflective activity.


You do not need any other badges before you can apply for this one.


You must submit a working and accessible link to your reflective blog post of at least 100 words.

For guidance on what constitutes a good reflective account, visit our Preparing and Publishing your Evidence page.

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SSSC 23 Things – Thing 5: Social Media #1

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