1. Getting started with Open Badges

Open Badges are a straightforward way to collect, manage and share evidence of learning in today’s digital world. You can collect them to evidence your learning and share them in places that matter to you, including offline as printable certificates. When you show your badge to someone, they will be able to see criteria against which the badge was issued and any evidence that you provided to prove you met that criteria.

You can earn this badge by watching our 10 short video tutorials about getting started with badges. The tutorials show you how to create your SSSC Open Badges account, find badges, submit evidence for them, show people the badges awarded to you and collect feedback on your badges from others through endorsements.



To earn this badge you will need to:

  • watch all 10 videos in our Getting Started with Open Badges series (1 hour)
  • download and read this Getting started with Open Badges hand-out (20 minutes)
  • tell us about three things you learned from the video tutorials that surprised you (75 words minimum)
  • tell us about at least one thing you will do to encourage your colleagues to start using SSSC Open Badges (25 words minimum).

We will decline applications that do not provide enough evidence showing how you have met these criteria.


None. This badge does not require you to hold any other badges.


You will need to provide at least 100 words about what you learned during the tutorials and about something you will do to encourage others to use SSSC Open Badges.

If you want to use a blog or ePortfolio entry as evidence, you might find our guide to preparing and publishing your evidence useful. We will also accept short audio or video statements if you prefer these formats.

Remember, the evidence you provide will be viewable by anyone who you show your badge to. Please don’t include confidential or private information within your statement.

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1. Getting started with Open Badges

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