Getting Started

Preparing and publishing your evidence

When applying for an Open Badge you need to give evidence of your learning. Each badge page has an explanation of the minimum evidence required.

Your evidence will be published and publicly available. Don’t include anything that could identify you or breach the confidentiality of anyone else.

How to explain what you’ve learned

We would like you to tell us what your learning means to you. Or what difference your learning experience has meant to your role. The key to this is reflective writing. Consider including answers to the following questions alongside your portfolio evidence:

  • Experience – Describe the learning experience, what happened? What did you do in reaction to it?
  • Knowledge – What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • Skills – What can you do now that you could not do before you had the experience, or can do better now because of the experience?
  • Reflections – What were your feelings and thoughts? What did you do well? What would you do differently? What values did you use?
  • Application – Think of a situation that you could apply what you have learned.

For more information and help with reflective writing, take a look at Developing your practice through reflection and learning.

None of us learn through a single method and the way we evidence our learning shouldn’t be any different. Don’t restrict yourself to text. Use as many methods as you feel comfortable with eg text, photographs, documents, video and audio.

Free online tools to publish your evidence

Need somewhere to publish your evidence? Try these:

  • WordPress or Blogger – blogging software that allows you to share text and photographs. Perfect for learning journals and sharing evidence towards Open Badges.
  • Evernote – note taking software that can also be used as an ePortfolio. Remember to make your notes public so your evidence can be assessed.

Remember not to publish anything that could identify you or breach the confidentiality of anyone else.