Observing children: We’ve got ‘enuff tatoes’

This Open Badge is available to anybody working in early learning and childcare who completes the We’ve got ‘enuff tatoes’ observation from our Observing children learning resource.

In the resource we take a look at everyday situations that you might see at any time in your work. These occasions can be short-lived and in a busy day easily lost among other events that take more of your time and attention.

If this is your first Observing children Open Badge, you should explore the introduction and resources listed on the front page of the resource before getting started.


To earn this badge you will need to:

  • work through the We’ve got ‘enuff tatoes’ observation and examine at least one of the resources listed on the page to help inform your observation (30 minutes)
  • tell us about how the scenario helped develop your knowledge and understanding (25 words minimum)
  • tell us how you have or intend to apply this knowledge in your day-to-day practice (25 words minimum)
  • attach a copy of your answers to the four observation questions on part two of the observation page to the badge application form below.

We will decline applications that do not provide enough evidence showing how you have met these criteria.


None. This badge does not require you to hold any other badges.


You will need to provide a written statement, of at least 50 words, about how this observation helped develop your learning and how you have or intend to put your learning into practice. You can write your statement directly on the badge application form or paste a link to your own blog or portfolio.

You should also attach a copy of your answers to the observation questions. These can be downloaded as a text file after your save your answers on part two of the observation page.

We will also accept short audio or video statements if you prefer these formats.

Remember, anyone who you show your badge to can see the evidence you provide. Please don’t include confidential or private information in your statements.

Read Preparing and publishing your evidence to find out more about what’s required and increase your chances of getting your badge approved first time.

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Observing children: We’ve got ‘enuff tatoes’

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