A risk worth taking: scenario two

This Open Badge is awarded to people who work through the second scenario of our interactive risk resource and complete a reflective account to demonstrate their learning.

We developed the resource to help people think about what risk means , where their attitude around risk comes from and other people’s perceptions of risk. People from across health and social care can use the resource collaboratively to gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals and also about each other’s organisation. There are three scenarios to work through. Each scenario includes views from different professionals and how they would deal with the risk factors covered in the scenario.


Before applying for this badge you will need to:

  • complete the self-evaluation questions if you have not already done so
  • work through the I’m worried about Mo scenario and discuss the activity questions with your colleagues and manager, preferably as part of a group discussion (60 minutes)
  • tell us about three things you learned from the scenario and the discussion you had with your manager and colleagues (100 words minimum)
  • tell us why this is important to you and your practice (50 words minimum).

Applications for this badge that don’t demonstrate the criteria or fall below the minimum word count will be declined.


None. You do not need to hold any other badges before you can apply for this one. However, Writing evidence for Open Badge applications is recommended.


In completing this piece of work write about specific learning, avoiding statements such as, “I learnt a lot which will help me in my work.” This short video tutorial about preparing and publishing your evidence will help you make sure your evidence meets the standard we are looking for. We will also accept links to audio or video statements if you prefer these formats.

The evidence you provide will be seen by anyone you show your badge to. Please don’t include confidential or private information within your evidence for this badge.

Your application will be assessed by SSSC staff and you will either receive your badge or a decision on your application within 28 days.

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A risk worth taking: scenario two

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