Quick Introduction to Creating Conversations Activity Kits

Who is the Creating Conversations Badge for:

The badge will be of value to anyone thinking about developing meaningful activities in a care setting, particularly where they might be working with people living with dementia. The toolkit and open badges can support you to:
– to reflect on the benefits of facilitating and valuing meaningful activity in care settings
–  consider how Creating Conversations could be used in your practice improve care, environment or community connections
–    to offer an introduction to the Creating Conversations approach and to give you the confidence and information to be able to start using Creating Conversations with people living with dementia.

This badge acknowledges attendance at an information and awareness session designed to support you to consider how you can use  meaningful and engaging conversations and activity using Creating Conversations as a tool.

Why we are offering Open Badges:

How will people living with dementia benefit?:

  • The badges aim to support participants to enjoy higher quality activity and social opportunities in care and to have more opportunities to influence the provision.

Why should I achieve badges in my care setting?

  • To demonstrate the quality of activity provision in the setting
  • To ensure you get the most out of the tool-kit
  • To make sure that communication and activity provision is everyone’s responsibility

Here is an introduction to the tool-kit and story:

Visit http://www.creating-conversations.org for more information and to explore the kit itself further.

How do I know the kit can deliver for me or for my setting?

Download our evidence, an evaluation supported by Stirling University here: Summary of Findings

Once you have completed the Quick Introduction Badge you can progress on to the Bronze Badge, for once you have begun using the kits for the first time in your work. Then you may progress on to a Silver Badge which links your experience of using the toolkit to our evidence base from Stirling University.


1. Participate in a Creating Conversations information and awareness session

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the use of the kit and the potential benefits within your own workplace


Attendance at an introduction session or talk led by one of the Creating Conversations team

Sharing feedback on the session, any key learning points, and a few ideas on how it might benefit your practice, the people you work with or the setting you are based in.



A short reflection on the session highlighting:

  • Three benefits that have been evidenced by evaluation of the kit
  • Any key feedback on the learning you took from the session


  • Any relevance you can see for your own practice or work setting, and how the Creating Conversations kit and approach would support you going forward.

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Quick Introduction to Creating Conversations Activity Kits

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