Creating Conversations Bronze Award for Starting Out

Who is the Creating Conversations Badge for:

The badge will be of value to anyone who is supporting or leading meaningful activities in a care setting, particularly where they might be working with people living with dementia. The toolkit and open badges can support you to:
– to move into role as activity coordinator
– to develop knowledge, skills and experience in faciliatating and valuing meaningful activity in care settings
– to use meaningful activity as a driver for changes to improve care, environment or community connections
-to encourage imaginative participant led service development.

It will help you to begin to observe more critically the quality of the activity and communication that takes place in a group discussion. This will enable you to discuss this with colleagues and draw some conclusions. This will support you to develop meaningful and engaging conversations and activity using Creating Conversations as a tool.

Why we are offering Open Badges:

How will people living with dementia benefit?:

  • The badges aim to support participants to enjoy higher quality activity and social opportunities in care and to have more opportunities to influence the provision.

Why should I achieve badges in my care setting?

  • To demonstrate the quality of activity provision in the setting
  • To ensure you get the most out of the tool-kit
  • To make sure that communication and activity provision is everyone’s responsibility

Here is an introduction to the tool-kit and story:

Visit for more information and to explore the kit itself further.

How do I know the kit can deliver for me or for my setting?

Download our evidence, an evaluation supported by Stirling University here: Summary of Findings

You can also download the Observation Framework which has guidance and tools to help evidence impact of the kit in your setting.

Once you have completed the Bronze Badge you may progress on to a Silver Badge which links your experience of using the toolkit to our evidence base from Stirling University.


1. Participate in a Creating Conversations session/programme

2. Contribute through role to meaningful conversations

3. Reflect on the experience and any learning observations




Produce a short report, blog post or even a slideshow or video to evidence your engagement with the Creating Conversations toolkit resource and how you used it in your setting. If you can include some of the following in your evidence this would help:

1. Participate in a Creating Conversations session/programme

a) Look at how people participating respond to the tablecloth and note any interesting conversation topics that emerge.

b) Did you notice any signs of people becoming less anxious, or using humour to join in the group conversations. Give any example.

c) Did you find the process of laying the table, relaxing into conversation with tea followed by an activity working for the group?

d) Did the group feel they had enjoyed the activity?

e) Did the group make any contribution to future plans for sessions?

2. Share any evidence from the session 

Include a picture or photo from the activity or conversations (check for permission before sharing any images of people)

Or share a quote from the conversation

3) Impact on you

Tell us if you found anything particularly helpful about using the kit in how your interact and talk with people in the group.

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Creating Conversations Bronze Award for Starting Out

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