Getting Started

What you need to know about Open Badges

As an alternative to paper certificates, you can now earn virtual badges as you gain new skills or knowledge.

When it comes to informal, unaccredited or extra-curricular learning, showing evidence of continuous professional development can sometimes be a struggle. Open Badges make this easier because they can capture virtually anything. They are indicators of accomplishment, skills, qualities and interests connected across informal and formal learning contexts.

Open Badges are digital records of achievements and skills that are tied to assessment and evidence.

Unlike paper certificates, Open Badges are manageable online. You can group them together depending on the skills or qualities they evidence and share them in places that matter to you. Your badges can be managed within Mozilla Backpack . Once you earn your first badge you will create your personal portfolio Backpack account.

An Open Badge is more than just a static image or button you can display on your blog or Facebook profile. Computer readable data stored within the badge, known as metadata, provides valuable information about:

  • what the badge is for
  • what you had to do to earn the badge
  • who awarded you the badge
  • links to evidence of the work you did to get the badge
  • the date you were awarded the badge and whether or not it will expire.