Getting Started

Applying for an Open Badge

Find a badge covering a subject that interests you. You can view badges by category or search for a topic or keyword. Once you’ve found one, click on it for information about what you need to do to earn it. Watch the video tutorial below to find out what to do next.

The criteria on the badge page will tell you what you need to do, the prerequisites will tell you if you need to earn any other badges before you can get this one and the evidence requirements give you information about what you need to provide in your application for the badge.

Do not apply for the badge until you have completed every one of the tasks listed in the criteria. You don’t apply for a badge to do the learning. You do the learning first, complete the criteria, and then apply for the badge. The badge criteria gives you activities and tasks that need to happen in the real world. These are designed to challenge you and make you think about how what you have learned applies in your workplace and practice. Take your time with this and you won’t have any difficulty submitting a good reflective account as evidence. We have resources and guides on the website to help you.

Apply for the badge by pasting your reflective account into the evidence box and/or use the button to upload and attach a file. Instead of written evidence, you can also paste a hyperlink to an audio or video file if you prefer.

What happens next?

Applications will be assessed and you will receive your badge or a decision on your application within 28 days. Your application will be declined if you:

  • write your evidence in second or third person
  • don’t complete the tasks or questions set for you in the criteria
  • don’t provide enough evidence.

To improve your chances of being successful, it’s recommended that you achieve the Writing evidence for Open Badges badge before applying.