Finding evidence to inform your practice

The decisions you take and the recommendations you make in Social Care are based on your professional judgement — a mixture of your knowledge, your experience and your understanding of the context.  This Open Badge course explores the various information sources that are available to support you in your decision making. It includes familiar sources like Google as well as other sources such as health websites, journals and e-books.




Use the guidance on page 4 and page 11 of the “Finding Evidence Inform your Practice” booklet and go to the SSKS library search:

  • Search “social care” AND policy – note the number of results.
  • Search “social care” OR policy – note the number of results.

See page 13 of “Finding Evidence to Inform your Practice” booklet and visit NHS Inform.  Use the Services directory on the homepage to find a Pharmacy in your area and tell us the address.

Tell us in one sentence why it might be better to use NHS Inform instead of Google to find information about a health condition.

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Finding evidence to inform your practice

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