Ambassador for Careers in Care

SSSC ambassadors for careers in care work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, employment centres and the wider community. They share careers resources and stories from their own practice to encourage more people to consider starting a life changing career in social services.

This is the first badge available to ambassadors and will be awarded after completing at least one careers event.


To earn this badge you need to tell us about what you have done as an ambassador to promote careers in social services. You must have attended at least one event, but you are encouraged to include more in your evidence.

Tell us about the event, including:

  • what you did
  • your audience
  • which resources you shared
  • how you know you made a difference
  • what you learned
  • how you will use this learning in the future.

To help you see the connection between your role as an ambassador and developing your leadership capability we want you to link your evidence to the leadership capabilities for social services. We recommend you focus on ‘motivating and inspiring’ in the leadership capability indicators for frontline workers.


You must have attended at least one careers event, for example a talk at a school or a local employment fair.


You will need to provide a written statement, of at least 200 words, which meets all of the badge criteria. You can provide your statement on the badge application or provide a link to your own blog or portfolio.

If you want to use a blog or ePortfolio entry as evidence, you might find our guide to preparing and publishing your evidence useful. We will also accept short audio or video statements if you prefer these formats.

Remember, the evidence you provide will be viewable by anyone you show your badge to. Please don’t include confidential or private information within your statements.

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Ambassador for Careers in Care

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