Getting Started

Making the most of your Open Badges

Nobody will know that you have been awarded a badge until you share it with them. Login to your account and open the Your badges page to see a list of your badges. You can download printable certificates or share your unique badge award page by including the link in an email or clicking on the buttons to share it to your social media accounts.

You can also download your badge. This will look just like any other picture on your computer, but you can upload it to a website like or and they will read the unique data stored in the badge and display it for you. Some types of ePortfolio, like Mahara and PebblePad, allow you to import your Open Badges automatically. Check with your ePortfolio provider for information on how to do this.

If you have more than one badge, then consider creating a portfolio of your badges and sharing the link with your manager or tutor.