Getting Started

Making the most of your Open Badges

Remember to share your badges online as soon as you receive them. You can list badges you have been awarded on:

  • social networking websites
  • your personal blog
  • job websites
  • your ePortfolio.

When someone views an Open Badge you have shared, they will be able to see who awarded you the badge, what it was for and the evidence you provided.

To share your badges, you will need to group them using Mozilla Backpack. If you have any problems sending your badges to the Mozilla Backpack through the direct link on the Your badges page, please read our short guide to help you download your badges and upload them to Mozilla.

Mozilla Backpack calls a group of badges a ‘collection’. Each has its own webpage and you can choose to make this page public so that you can share it on social media, your website or on your CV. You can edit the collection page to add a title, description and explain each of the badges you have received.

You also have the option to display different badges to different people, so we recommend that you create collections for different topics, skillsets or experiences. This can be particularly useful if you want to show your employer evidence of your professional development or show a potential employer a list of badges relevant to a job application.

Add your badges to your ePortfolio. Some types of ePortfolio, like Mahara and PebblePad, allow you to import your Open Badges automatically. Check with your ePortfolio provider for information on how to do this.