Getting Started


Endorsements are statements written by others to commend or support an Open Badge awarded to you. Endorsements can be left by the person who assessed your badge or anyone who you show your badge to.

We encourage you to actively seek endorsements from your manager, tutor or colleagues whenever you are awarded a new badge. Their statements can help build a picture of how you have put your learning into practice since achieving the badge and the positive difference this has made.

Some SSSC badges have a mandatory endorsement requirement. This means you need to get someone, usually your manager, to endorse your badge within three months of it being awarded to you. The badge is not valid until this happens and can be taken away from you after the three months is up.

How to share your badge

We generate a unique award page each time a new badge is awarded to you. This contains your name, details about the badge and a copy of the evidence you submitted for it. It also contains a short form where anyone else with an account on SSSC Open Badges can leave you an endorsement.

You should share a link to this page with the person or people you want to endorse your badge. Our Making the most of your Open Badges video tutorial shows you how to do this.

How to endorse a badge awarded to someone

Login to SSSC Open Badges and visit the link sent to you by the person awarded the badge. Then scroll or swipe to the bottom of the page where you will see a form to write your endorsement and state your relationship to the holder of the badge.

Our Endorsements video tutorial shows you how to do this.

If you do not already have an SSSC Open Badges account, creating one is a simple process that only takes a moment.

How to manage your endorsements

You can view endorsements people have left for you and publish them on your badge’s award page by visiting the Your account > Endorsements page. Our Endorsements video tutorial shows you how to do this.

Remember to publish endorsements you receive for badges requiring mandatory endorsement. These badges will not be valid until you have done this.

If you wish to delete an endorsement you left for someone else, you can do this by visiting their badge award page while logged in. A delete button will appear below your endorsement.

Providing false information in an endorsement or accepting an endorsement which is false or not intended for you can lead to the closure of your account and loss of your badges.