Test badge

Appears at the top of the badge page. Use it give people an idea of what the badge represents. Some badge issuers just repeat the badge summary here.


The criteria should contain a list of things that someone needs to do to get the badge. They might need to:

  • participate in an event
  • watch a video
  • speak to their manager about what they learned
  • tell us what they will do more of or differently because of their new learning (150 words).


Prerequisites are where you need to hold a badge or badges before you can apply for this one. Use this where you need people to apply for badges in a particular order Eg You must hold Open Badge One and Open Badge Two before you can apply for this one (Open Badge Three) This is frequently used where learners need to hold an attendance or participation badge before they can apply for any other badges relating to that event or topic.


This is where you can give people advice on what type of evidence they should provide to show that they have met the criteria.

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Test badge

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