Supporting Self Management

Self management supports and encourages people living with long-term conditions to access information and to develop skills to find out what’s right for their condition and what is right for them.

Imagine you are working with Pat who is 50 and has recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia.  She lives in Edinburgh with her husband Bob and since she took voluntary redundancy is feeling increasingly isolated but is anxious about meeting new people. She is wanting to know more about her condition and how it will affect her in the future so she can share this with Bob and her family.


Visit and explore these websites and answer the questions in the Evidence section.




  1. Using NHS Inform search for Dementia and tell us one thing you have learned about Dementia.  Scroll down to the  Living Well with Dementia section and reflect on why you think it will be helpful for Pat to read this information and what she might learn. (100 words).
  2. Using the Search for Support website identify one provider in Edinburgh who can help Pat access leisure/social activities for people with dementia. Give us the name and postcode. (Hint: Search for Edinburgh City Council, then filter by type of support and filter by needs).
  3. Using the Alzheimer Scotland website click the “Support” tab, select the type of service “Support for younger people with dementia” and then enter “Edinburgh” as the location. Tell us the name of the café for carers and younger people with Dementia that meets monthly.
  4. Using the ALISS website – tell us what ALISS stands for and two things you would search on the site for.
  5. Tell us in a few sentences how you will use these websites and other key charity sites such as Macmillan Cancer or Diabetes UK in the future to support your everyday practice.

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Supporting Self Management

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