Record Keeping – Implementer (Gold)

This learning session will increase your understanding of:

  • The reasons for keeping records (including relevant legislation, policies, standards and codes).
  • How records are used and the consequences of poor record keeping
  • The impact records have on meeting service user’s care needs (positive and negative)
  • The language used in record keeping
  • The barriers to keeping good quality records


  • Attend a Record Keeping learning session and provide us with the date and place of your attendance
  • Tell us what aspect/s of the learning session you have implemented into your practice. Please demonstrate this by providing an example (around 250 words)
  • Tell us how what you have implemented meets principles of the Health and Social Care Standards ( around 100 words)
  • Tell us  how what you implemented contributes to the strategic priorities of the Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership ( around 100 words)


You must already hold the Record Keeping – Reflector (Silver) badge prior to applying for this badge


You will need to provide answers to the questions set out in the criteria as evidence for this Open Badge. Please include the date and place of the session you attended in your evidence.

You can use the information and activities you participated in during the session to evidence your learning in any way that is appropriate and helpful for you to answer the criteria. You can also submit any other evidence of learning which can include a 1 minute video, podcast or a visual representation of your learning.

This evidence may be used to evidence your PRTL (post registration training and learning), to fulfil registration requirements of the SSSC 

We will decline applications for this badge that don’t demonstrate all of the points from the criteria.

Remember .. the evidence you provide will be viewable by anyone who you show your badge to. Please don’t include confidential or private information within your statement.

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Record Keeping – Implementer (Gold)

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