Promoting Excellence Dementia Skilled Module 4

This badge will support you:

1. Understand that when a person is expressing stress and distress they can be communicating unmet needs.

2. Identify the common types, causes and triggers for distressed behaviour.

3. Contribute to recording and understanding distressed behaviours using an antecedent, behaviour and consequences approach.

4. Describe how to respond when a person with dementia is expressing stress and distress.

          5. Recognise the importance of gaining access to professional support and interventions to alleviate stress and distress.



You will have attended the learning workshop Module 4: Meeting the Needs of the Person Living With Dementia who is Distressed  and complete all the activities in the resource. These will be assessed by you workshop facilitator.


There are no prerequisites for this badge


If you have completed the activities in your Module 4 workbook and had them assessed by your workshop facilitator, you will be awarded the Open Badge for this module.

Please give the date you completed module 4 in the Evidence Box when applying for this badge, and supply your email address.

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Promoting Excellence Dementia Skilled Module 4

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