MySSSC Champion: Worker

This Open Badge is awarded to workers who are confident using MySSSC and are ready to assist others.

MySSSC is a secure site from SSSC that is available to people who want to apply for registration, people currently registered, employers and university contacts.


To earn this Open Badge, you will need to demonstrate a level of knowledge and understanding in using MySSSC. Using the evidence box at the bottom of the page, you must tell us:

  • what the benefits of MySSSC are
  • five reasons why you use MySSSC
  • when you last used your account
  • what you used it for
  • what you do to help your colleagues use MySSSC.


You must have a MySSSC account and be a registered worker. No other open badges are required.


The evidence you provide will be visible to anyone who you show your badge to. Please do not include confidential or private information within your statement.

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MySSSC Champion: Worker

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