Self-directed Support and equalities

This Open Badge is awarded to people who participate in day three of MECOPP’s ‘Self-Directed Support- Making the Law Work for You: SDS, Human Rights and Equalities’ course.

The course is led by recognised experts in the fields of community care, human rights and equalities legislation.  Taking place over three consecutive days, teaching methods include presentations, case-studies, group discussions and exercises to ensure as participative an experience as possible.

Participants in day three will be informed about the rights and protections included in the Equality Act, how they may impact on their work in supporting individuals in receipt of social care and how it impacts on challenging decision-making by the local authorities. Day three ends by bringing together the topics presented over the previous sessions to further explore and discuss the links between human rights, equalities and social care legislation.

This course has been developed as part of a three year capacity building project for the Third Sector funded jointly by the Baring Foundation and the Life Changes Trust.  It is one of five work-streams under the umbrella of the 3 R’s Project.  The aim of the project is to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge to effectively scrutinise and challenge local authority decision making on the allocation of resources to individuals who have an assessed entitlement to Self-directed Support.


To earn this Open Badge you must:

  • attend day three of MECOPP’s ‘Self-Directed Support- Making the Law Work for You: SDS, Human Rights and Equalities’ course
  • participate in the group discussions and exercises
  • complete the evaluation/worksheet at the end of day three.


None. This badge does not require you to hold any other badges.


Evidence for this badge will be collected during the group exercises and your Open Badge awarded following your completion of day three.

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Self-directed Support and equalities

There is no application form for this badge. Please read the criteria for information on how to earn this badge.