Mobile learning – Video for Learning

This Open Badge is awarded to people who have worked through Chapter 4, “Creating video for learning” of “Making the most of mobile learning” and have created a video as detailed in Activity 7.


To gain this badge your evidence should  provide:

  • a description of your video topic,
  • your intended learning outcome for the video,
  • a description of how you created your video(software/hardware used etc.),
  • feedback from people who tested your video.

You should also include a link to your podcast.




  1. You should provide a written account  of around 500 words addressing each of the criteria above and your reflection on what you have learned and what (if anything) you would do differently.
  2. Your storyboard or other planning materials for your video.
  3. You should provide a link to the video you have created.

Apply for this badge

Mobile learning – Video for Learning

There is no application form for this badge. Please read the criteria for information on how to earn this badge.