Mobile learning – Managing Information

This Open Badge is awarded to people who have read Chapter 2, “Managing Information”¬†of “Making the most of mobile learning” and have¬†created an RSS feed or social bookmarking page featuring information and links relevant to colleagues/groups of staff in their organisation.


To gain this badge you should provide evidence of:

  • Creating a work-related RSS Feed/Social bookmarking page
  • A description of what you chose to set up
  • An account of the content selected
  • A description of the target group
  • A description of how it was received




The evidence for this Open Badge will be a written account (500 words) describing the RSS feed/social bookmarking page they have created and which includes:

  • what you chose to set up
  • the content selected
  • the target group
  • how it was received

Apply for this badge

Mobile learning – Managing Information

There is no application form for this badge. Please read the criteria for information on how to earn this badge.