Mobile learning – Integrating Mobile Devices

This Open Badge is awarded to people who have worked through Chapter 5, “Integrating mobile devices into your learning designs” of “Making the most of mobile learning” and have completed the task described in Activity 8.


To gain this badge your evidence should include:

  1. a description of a learning experience where you have integrated mobile devices,
  2. details of your application of one or more of the following,
    1. SMS use to reinforce learning.
    2. SMS use to increase/maintain learner engagement.
    3. Use of QR codes.
    4. Use of simple augmented reality tools (e.g. Aurasma).
  3. a brief evaluation of the learning experience from learners.





The evidence for this Open Badge will be a written account (a minimum of 500 words) describing the learning experience you created, covering each of the criteria listed above.

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Mobile learning – Integrating Mobile Devices

There is no application form for this badge. Please read the criteria for information on how to earn this badge.