Making better decisions: Manager – supervision scenario

This Open Badge is awarded to people who work through the supervision scenario on the management section of our Making better decisions resource and complete a reflective account to demonstrate their learning.

Every day we have to make decisions relating to our roles. Some of these are straightforward and easy to make, while others are more difficult and may involve a range of options. We are all accountable for our decisions, so making a ‘wrong’ choice could mean that you have to justify why you made it, particularly if it leads to poorer outcomes for people who use your services.

Our Making better decisions learning resource provides you with some challenging situations, which allow you to see how your decisions might affect outcomes for people if you had to make them in real life situations.

The scenario reflects real situations and dilemmas workers have faced and include aspects that commonly come up in fitness to practise cases.


To earn this badge you must:

  • work through the supervision scenario on the manager section of the resource
  • complete the 400 word reflective activity at the end of the scenario and a save a copy to your computer
  • upload your completed reflective activity using the application form below or paste the content into the application text box.

We will decline Open Badge applications without a completed reflective activity.



You do not need any other badges before you can apply for this one.


You should complete the reflective activity at the end of the scenario, save a copy and attach it to the badge application form below or copy and paste the text into the application box. We suggest that to cover this in sufficient detail, you should write about 400 words. You might find it helpful to include how your choice relates to legislation and the SSSC Code of Practice for Social Service Workers.

Remember, anyone you show your badge to can see the evidence you provide. Please stick to the content of the scenario and don’t include confidential or private information from real world situations.

The SSSC Open Badge system relies on trust. We trust that the evidence you provide will be your own work and based on your own skills and knowledge. By submitting an application you declare the following: ‘In studying and completing the activities for this badge, I confirm that all the work provided as evidence is my own.’ The SSSC will revoke a badge if we discover the evidence provided is someone else’s work.

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Making better decisions: Manager – supervision scenario

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