#ELCleadership17 in practice

This event provides time, space and networking opportunities for you to reflect on and share your valuable experiences of effective leadership for all. There will be a focus on the current developments around leadership in early learning and child care and a chance to hear from others about their practice developments and the tools and resources which are available to support you as a leader.

Attendees should be able to leave the event feeling more empowered to be a leader, and to understand the roles and responsibilities of other Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) professionals, which together will help to improve the lives of children in Scotland.

The event is supported by North Ayrshire Council.


To earn this badge you will need to:

  • reflect on your leadership role in your current and future practice
  • tell us how you applied learning from the event to your practice.


You must hold the #ELCleadership17 participant badge before you can apply for this one.


You will need to provide a statement, of around 150 words of your reflections on your leadership role in your current and future practice and how you have applied learning to your practice.

If you want to use a blog or ePortfolio entry as evidence, you might find our guide to preparing and publishing your evidence useful. We will also accept short audio or video statements if you prefer these formats.

Remember, the evidence you provide will be viewable by anyone who you show your badge to. Please don’t include confidential or private information within your statements.

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#ELCleadership17 in practice

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