Difficult Discussions Matter! ( Bronze)

Difficult Discussions Matter! is a learning session to support you in becoming more aware of your own communication style and developing your understanding of active listening skills and the importance of this when experiencing conflict.


You will also gain an understanding of what makes some conversations more difficult and this session will help to prepare you for future conversations by using a simple approach.


This learning session enables you to reflect on your own behaviours and attitudes and those of others and will help you develop your confidence and feel motivated and assertive to have conversations which may be difficult.


To earn this badge you must:


  • Attend a Difficult Discussions Matter! learning session (3 ½ hours)
  • Log in to or register at open badges and apply providing us with the date and place of the session you attended


You do not need any other badges before applying for this one.



There is no evidence required to be submitted to earn this badge. However, you must attend a Difficult Discussions Matter! learning session and provide your email address to be awarded this Open Badge.

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Difficult Discussions Matter! ( Bronze)

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