Confident Conversations about Technology – learning event participation

The contact day is intended to raise awareness of developments in technology and to support the acquiring of new skills and knowledge, enabling delegates to confidently embed conversations about technology into their portfolio of support.  The aim of the contact day is that practitioners will leave with the tools and access to resources to make a successful, realistic change where they are and carry forward a range of commitments as tech enablers.

Throughout the day, delegates will –

• get practical and hands on with technology
• hear from people actively and effectively using technology
• get a national and local perspective on developments in policy and strategy and be able to see how this is working in context (relevant to them)
• hear from manufacturers and innovators about new products and developments
• be presented with an outline of how to continue their learning and development journey online following the event, with access to a discussion forum on Knowledge Hub and resources via Dementia Circle website and further virtual learning sessions using Attend Anywhere.


To earn this badge you will need to:

  • have completed and earned the sign up open badge (completing the pre-contact day survey)
  • write a 100-200 word reflective piece into the text box below on what you have learnt from the day e.g. new knowledge and skills gained, impact on practice or anything you may now do differently
  • answer the following questions in the text box below – your opinions matter and will help us shape future events so taking the time to complete this is very important to us…
    • What did you like about the learning event?
    • What did you not like about the learning event?
    • Any other comments which will help us to improve the learning programme?


To be awarded this Open Badge, applicants must have received the initial sign up badge.

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Confident Conversations about Technology – learning event participation

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